2014 – You have been good to me!

2014 is definitely one of the most memorable years in my life. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to the things that happened to me and the people that I have met throughout this year.

This year, I shared an amazing term with my best friends at UBC, and I won’t forget the days I spent at this beautiful campus.

This year, my wish 6 years ago came true. I visited London, again and on my own. It’s funny that after so many changes in my summer plan, I still ended up in London – the city in my dream.

This year, I made friends with some random people in the most unexpected ways, and I’m truly thankful for the things they taught me.

This year, I ended up at a job in an industry that I have never thought of before. Yes, I’m talking about being a sales person in a real estate company. But that’s a necessary step I need to take to achieve a goal far more ambitious.

This year, I returned to my hometown, and I stick to my decision. Saigon is a lovely place, and I still don’t understand why people would ever want to leave this city. I love being surrounded by my family and friends. I love speaking in my mother tongue language. I love riding my motorbike at night and see glamoring street lights. I love eating Vietnamese food. I love helping Vietnamese people. I love the weather of Saigon. It’s true that not everything about Saigon is great, but I have been a child of Saigon for 22 years, and I can say for sure that the city has improved a lot. Everything takes time, and I want share the burden with the people in my country.

Still, there are many things I haven’t accomplished this year. As of now, I can say that my reading goal totally failled. In 2015, I will make sure that I finish my reading list and take time to read newspaper everyday.

2015 comes with many challenges, and may God give me strength, courage and patience to overcome those challenges.

Happy New Year everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favor 🙂


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