Inspiring speech about self-confidence

I post these clips to remind myself why I’m doing what I do. It has been a difficult journey for me for the last 4 years because I started losing my self confidence. Despite all the good grades and feedbacks I got, deep down I couldn’t convince myself I am good at Marketing. I chose Marketing because that’s what I love and because I want to train my communication skills, even though my strengths aligned more with accounting or finance. I am really good with number, logic and research, but not so much with creativity. Anyway, I always choose to follow my passion, but it’s painful sometimes to see that I am not able to excel Marketing the way I did with other things related to Math and pure logic. But to keep going with what I chose, I know that I need to rebuild my self-confidence as fast as possible, and to learn to appreciate who I am.

Talking about the matter of introversion, I really love Susan’s speech – “The power of introverts” – because it really resonates with me. I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with society’s favouritism of extrovert. I am myself a loner at heart and always enjoy solitude. I took philosophy courses partly because I wanted to have time to think for myself, to get what life is, rather than just solely focus on doing things to earn money. That’s why sometimes I don’t feel like I belong to my college community because as you know, most business schools are fond of people who can talk smoothly and do a lot of activities. I know some people are great at public speaking and have great brains at the same time. But most often I encounter people who just talk, even though what they say makes no sense whatsoever. Those people are admirable in some sense too because I can never bullshit while looking so confident like them. Listening to her speech definitely helped me to re-appreciate the introvert in me.


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