Third year at UBC


It’s been 3 weeks after school started and I already feel so exhausted. It’s not that I have lots of homework to hand in. I don’t have to hand in anything, but the amount of readings and new information I have to absorb each day is astoundingly heavy. I need time to slowly digest all that, but school leaves me no time. Projects, events, workshops, volunteering, all of them make me feel dizzy. Not to mention the bus. It takes me 45 minutes to get to school, and another 10 minutes to Sauder building. 

I have brand management class for year 3, which is helpful and tough at the same time. This class was previously restricted to year 4 student. So in the time coming, I have to actually go out and interview a bunch of consumers, and then start to analyse data.  My professor is awesome indeed, he’s the best professor I’ve ever seen so far. Super smart and direct, if what you say is bullshit, he calls it bullshit. The things he teaches are real world. I feel so lucky and blessed to have him, but kind nervous too. I don’t know if I can do well in his class, and I still hope I can get a Dean’s Honour.  

And for Marketing Research, hallelujah, we now can contact a real client. Super excited for this class. 

The more I learn about marketing, the more I am attracted to it and the more I feel stupid. So right now I’m trying to catch up with all the technology, social media, products and brand names out there. I was never a  shopping savvy, but I’m trying to become one. Seriously, this is so tough. I just want to go back to my comfort zone, but that will not help my career. I’m really torn, doing what I like or doing what I’m good at, always a big question. 

I wish I had time to do all the things I like. I planned to join a dance club this year but had to abandon it in the end. I also want to learn skiing, mountain climbing, skating, etc. I want to go clubbing and partying. So many things to want T___T Hopefully next year. 


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